What Causes High Oil Temperature ?

High oil temperature  is a consequence of a variety of issues happening in the air compressor. Identifying the real cause is necessary so the longevity of the air compressor is not affected. Every air compressor has a certain range of oil consumption which serves as a marking indicator for the specific air compressor. Any diesel engine or electrical driven air compressor consuming more than the normal range needs a check by the mechanic. Because of greater oil consumption, the engine’s operating power is not as great as it is in normal operating conditions. The entire performance of the engine is affected due to high oil consumption.

Causes of High Oil Temperature in a Diesel Engine or electrical driven air compressors :
  • Oil Leakage:

Oil leakage from the engine or oil cooler is one of the common causes behind high oil consumption. The leakage on the engine, air / oil separator or cooler block that are worn off will no longer able to maintain the proper seal allowing the engine oil to collect into the combustion chamber.

  • Worn Injection Pumps:

Injection pumps in the diesel engine are also lubricated by the engine’s oil. Worn injection pumps will lead to the mixing of fuel and engine oil. The mixture is then collected into the combustion chamber increasing oil consumption.

  • Worn Piston Rings:

Damaged and worn-out piston rings largely contribute to the high oil consumption. Damaged piston rings lose their normal functioning ability causing the oil to leak through them and enter the combustion chamber. The burnt oil inside the combustion chamber also forms carbon deposits on the cylinders and pistons.

  • Bad Quality Oil:

Usage of dirty and incorrect oil also contributes to high oil consumption. The Oil that is generally cheaper and is of bad quality affects the longevity of the engine. They disrupt the entire system of the engine. Poor quality oil will damage the parts of the engine like pistons, rings, cylinders, etc. resulting in greater consumption of oil.

  • Worn Valve Stem Seals and Valve Guides:

The moving valve loses its working ability due to the worn valve stem seal and valve guide. The purpose of the seal is to prevent the entry of oil into the combustion chamber. The broken or damaged seal causes the oil to enter the combustion chamber. The entered oil is burnt off resulting in increased oil consumption.

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