Choosing the Right Compressed Air Dryer for Your Application

Compressed air dryers are used as filter systems to separate the water accumulated in the compressed air. They compress the humid air increasing the air temperature. The air is then cooled down and water vapors are drawn out of the component. The water if not eliminated can contaminate the products of the machine and can also lead to corrosion.

Types of Compressed Air Dryers:

There are four main types of compressed air dryers each having its own working mechanism. It is important to understand the mechanism of all of them to understand which will work best for your application. Their description is given below:

1. Refrigerated Dryers:

They are the most commonly used compressed air dryers. Their working mechanism is to cool the air to such low temperatures that it draws the water vapors out of it. They are designed to yield air with dew points at 3 to7 degree C. They are good and economical dryers and can be easily used where extremely high drying capability is not required. 

2. Desiccant Dryers:

There are certain conditions for machinery where extremely low dewpoint air ( -40 deg C ) is required. Under such conditions, it is to use desiccant dryer in such a situation. They remove the moisture from the compressed air by the use of absorbing material like alumina. They are of two types: Heated desiccant and heatless desiccant. Heated ones separate the moisture from desiccant material with the help of heat regeneration ( heated blower ) whereas, in heatless desiccant, dry air from the dryer performs the same function without any heat regeneration but only adsorbing the moisture via activated alumina. They are designed to achieve compressed air with dew points at -40 degree C.

3. Membrane Air Dryers:

In this type of dryer, membrane microtubules are present that are said to be selectively permeable to water vapor. The compressed air then passes through these membranes, the water vapors eventually draws out through these membrane microtubules. They can produce dew point at -40 degree Fahrenheit of compressed air. They require minimum maintenance and  require no power supply

Necessary Tips for the Selection of Right Compressed Air Dryer:

Some of the common tips for choosing the ideal compressed air dryer are described below:

  1. Do not over-size the air dryer. Oversizing would result in too much of purge loss in desiccant air dryer as a result a waste of energy.  
  2. Do not under size your compressed air dryer. Undersizing the dryer Wet can result in high pressure dewpoint and eventually moisture to your equipment / machinery
  3. Buy air dryers according to the required dew point of your application. If you need a dew point lower than -40  degree C, go for the desiccant dryers be it heated or heatless desiccant. If you need dew point at a range of -40 degree C and no power supply available , membrane dryers are the best choice.
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