SPX Hankison PCM Combi Air Dryer


This world’s first patented technology developed by SPX FLOW produces super-dried air (up to -100°C dew point) and yet maintain the lowest energy cost.

Up to 75% of the moisture in the compressed air is removed by the refrigerated air dryer, which has proven to be the most economical way to dehumidify. The remaining of 25% is then removed by a desiccant air dryer. This makes it possible to supply super-dried air in a much more cost-effective way than using a desiccant air dryer alone.

The PCM COMBINATION air dryer is a combination of a PCM air dryer and a zero loss blower purge air dryer. The PCM air dryer reduces unnecessary energy usage by using an automatically triggered (On/Off) refrigeration compressor cycle that is directly proportional to the inlet heat load. Subsequently, in the desiccant air dryer, purged air is not used to regenerate the desiccant.

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