Reasons for Low Oil Pressure in Compressor

Low oil pressure in air compressor  is an alarming situation. An immediate response to the low-pressure reading is turning off the air compressor to avoid the consequences. Oil is a major component of diesel engines as it acts as a lubricating agent for the moving parts of the piston. Oil-free diesel engines are also available which are preferred at places where there are chances of high oil consumption and contamination.

The problems which arise due to oil pressure don’t happen with the oil-free diesel engine as they only contain a little amount of oil which is present internally and not in greater quantity as present in oil-containing diesel engines.  To avoid oil contamination, regular cleaning of all the parts of the diesel engine is necessary. The use of an oil gauge is also very important to regularly determine the oil pressure and to see where the actual problem lies.

Some of the Common Causes of Low Oil Pressure in the compressor :

There are number of reasons behind the low oil pressure in a diesel engine which are described below:

1. Low Oil Level in the air/ oil separator tank:

Low oil level or insufficient oil is one of the main causes of low oil pressure in the compressor. Oil pressure should be first monitored in the crankshaft than in other places. It indicates that the level of oil is below the pump supply tub which ultimately affects the pumping ability of the tube to pump the oil into the engine gears. Therefore, it is necessary to add the correct amount of oil to the engine.

2. Contaminated Oil:

Oil contaminants like fuel, coolant, and water are also the reasons behind the low oil pressure in an oil-containing diesel engine. Oil-free diesel engines are free from this sort of problem. This problem usually arises at the crankcase of the diesel engine. These fluids cause the oil to leak from some of the parts of engine resulting in the low oil pressure. The contaminated oil should be drained and oil filters should also be changed regularly.

3. Open Oil Bypass Valves of the Engine:

An open oil bypass valve of the diesel engine accumulates dirt or debris which causes the oil pressure of the engine to decrease. These valves should be cleaned regularly and new oil should be added afterward to avoid this problem.

4. Non-working Oil Lines:

Oil lines or passages that are broken down or disconnected can also result in low oil pressure so these passages should also be checked regularly by an expert.

5. Restricted Oil Suction Tube:

The inlet screen present in the suction tubes can also get blocked due to debris or can break down as well. These restrictions can also result in low pressure so the regular check on suction tubes is also very important.

6. Oil Pump Not Working:

If the oil pump stops functioning properly, the air will start leaking in the oil pump supply-side resulting in back pressure and decreased oil pressure. It should be checked regularly for necessary reparation. Oil-free diesel engines again is free from such problems than these oil-containing diesel engines.

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